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Trademark Registration in Chennai: Process, Importance, and Documents Required

A trademark is a sign, word, or slogan that a brand uses as part of its identification. Every brand should register a trademark. A trademark registration gives you complete ownership of your trademark. This control not only allows you to use your Trademark whatever you choose, but it also ensures that no one else can use it without your consent. A trademark also allows consumers to distinguish between different firms’ products and services. Choosing to register a trademark in Chennai is a wise decision. Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and a large Indian metropolitan city. 

In this post, we will look at why you should register a trademark for your business in Chennai with the help of national filing.

Importance of Trademark Registration in Chennai

If you own a business in Chennai, we’re sure you’re well aware of the level of competition that exists among the city’s many endeavors. The number of firms in Chennai is increasing every day. Going for Trademark registration for your brand is very important if you want to secure your brand from competitors and stand out amongst them and for that, you can always rely on us because at national filing we will always help your business in every way. Trademark registration in Chennai also provides you with the following benefits:

  • First of all, it allows you to safeguard your brand. You have the right to prevent others from utilizing your trademark.
  • Second, you will be granted exclusive use of your Trademark. This makes your brand stand out.
  • Third, if someone else uses your Trademark or a Trademark that is similar to yours, you can easily sue them.
  • Finally, it is an additional asset for which you can sell and engage in negotiations. This raises the worth of your brand.

Process of Trademark registration in Chennai

The trademark registration process is complex and necessitates the assistance of legal professionals and that’s where we will help you. The process of trademark registration is as follows.

  • For starters, you must select the appropriate Trademark class for registration of your goods or services.
  • Second, you must determine whether anyone else has previously registered a comparable Trademark. To do so, go to the IP India Trademark website.
  • Third, you must complete and submit a Trademark application, either in person at the Trademark Registry or online at the IP India website. After successfully submitting your trademark, you can begin utilizing the TM symbol next to it.
  • The fourth stage is for the Registrar to analyze your Trademark and determine whether or not it is suitable for Trademark Registration. They will either object to the trademark or authorize it. Responding to objections requires the assistance of a Trademark Attorney. You can simply choose not to respond and abandon the application.
  • The trademark is published in the Trademark Journal once it has been authorized. Anyone who believes that this Trademark is identical to their Trademark must file an opposition within three months of publication. If you receive opposition, you will need to hire a Trademark Attorney to file responses. The Trademark registry will compare your responses to the assertions of the opposite party and decide whether or not you can register your Trademark. 
  • Finally, if there was not any opposition or if the Trademark Registry judged your responses to the opposition satisfactory, you will obtain your registration certificate. After that, you can use the ® symbol alongside your Trademark.

Documents Required

  • Proof of Applicant: This consists of documents such as the applicant’s PAN, address proof, and a Certificate of Registration/Incorporation in the case of other applicants.
  • Name of the company/logo/slogan: You must include information about the trademark that you want to register.
  • Proof of TM Use: Documentary proof with the brand name/logo, like invoices, registration certificates, etc. 
  • MSME/Start-up India Certificate: This serves as business proof. Furthermore, if they present their MSME OR Start-up India registration certificate, partnership firms, and body corporates (other than individuals) can receive a 50% discount on government expenses.
  • Power of Attorney: You must file Form TM-48. It is a legal document that authorizes a Trademark attorney to file your Trademark with the Trademark registration on your behalf.
  • Board Resolution: Additionally, for private limited or public limited firms, a board resolution from all directors allowing the company to apply for a trademark is required. Private limited companies and public corporations can file for a trademark only after gaining clearance.
  • Affidavit of the User: Furthermore, in order to claim specific user data, you must file a user affidavit. This is determined by the registered trademark. Before submitting your application, your Trademark Attorney will request it.   

At National Filings we have a team of professionals, lawyers, and certified accountants that will guide you through the complicated documentation of the registration procedure. Aside from that, we will provide 24×7 support to assist you in avoiding any legal issues that might come up while building your firm.